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As an event that is sanctioned by USATriathlon, we are required to follow their rules. One of these rules governs age. This means our event is open to kids ages 6 to 14. However, it is not quite that simple. USAT does not go by the age of the athlete on race day. Instead, your triathlon age is your age as of 12/31 of the current year. For our 2020 event, this means that all kids will race at their age as of 12/31/20. For example, kids born during October, 2009 will be 9 on race day, but actually will be considered a 10 year-old triathlete for all of 2020. This is not really that big of a deal once you understand it. However, it does impact a few different groups of kids. First, all kids born in 2014 are eligible to participate (assuming they can swim 25 yards safely; bike without training wheels; and run). For example, we will have many kids who are actually 5 on race day. However, they are 6 year-old triathletes because they will turn 6 before the end of the year. Second, kids born in 2005 are not eligible to participate. There will be some kids who are 14 on race day, but they will turn 15 before the end of 2020.


Triathlon is one of the fastest-growing sports in the world, and kids triathlons are a vital part of this trend. There is no better way for any child to experience the benefits of a healthy lifestyle focused on daily exercise and good nutrition. Every triathlon consists of 3 components – swimming, biking, and running. At all Kids Triathlon events, kids will only race against other kids in their same age group. As they complete their swim, they will enter the transition area to begin the bike portion of the race. After completing their ride, they will reenter transition, drop-off their bike and exit onto the run course. The run is the final portion of the race. Computerized timing chips are used to track each participant throughout each part of the race.


Race distances are set by the USATriathlon and designed to be challenging, yet achievable – even for first-timers. The word triathlon can scare people into thinking it is something they could never do. Plain and simple, if your child can swim 1-4 laps in a pool and ride their bike for 20 minutes without stopping, they can successfully complete a kids triathlon. Please note that USATriathlon rules prohibit the use of any flotation devices in the pool. In addition, no training wheels (except in situations of medical necessity) are allowed on bikes


No Refunds will be provided to any racer for any reasons.

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